FluiDyne is a premier supplier of aerodynamic testing solutions, including wind tunnel facilities, components, and test services.

Contributing to Technology Advancement

FluiDyne began as an aerodynamic research laboratory in 1952. As FluiDyne's reputation grew, they expanded their capabilities to design wind tunnels for other aeronautical and aerospace organizations. Since then, FluiDyne has created a rich history of wind tunnels covering the entire speed regime from subsonic to hypersonic. Organizations from around the world depend on facilities designed by FluiDyne to advance their aerospace technology and prove their designs. FluiDyne also specializes in wind tunnels that simulate unique conditions, like atmospheric boundary layer, climatic, and icing. Many of their projects are custom designs - developing innovative solutions for practical applications.

Our Aerotest Laboratory

The aerotest laboratory capabilities have been expanded and upgraded over the years and continues to be a world leader in producing high accuracy aerodynamic test data. The laboratory offers twelve unique test facilities with velocity simulation capabilities ranging from static to hypersonic. Here FluiDyne provides test services for aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems. This aerotest laboratory is one of few independently-owned test facilities of its type in the world.