Data & Control Systems

We provide data acquisition and control systems for aerodynamic testing and turbine engine testing facilities. We design, build, and install systems that meet your needs - from simple data acquisition systems to complex data acquisition and control systems that can control an entire testing facility. Our most current systems are described below.


The ASE2000LX system is designed for a wide range of turbine engine testing, from APUs to large turbofan engines. The system is capable of supporting many different engine platforms to meet complex engine testing requirements. It integrates data acquisition, engine control, and facility control in a single system and is typically used in our commercial engine test facilities.


The ASE50LRT system is designed for precision wind tunnel testing and control. The ASE50LRT is an all-encompassing system - capable of controlling the tunnel, collecting the data, and processing the data after the test.  The ASE50LRT uses multiple high-rate control loops which allow users to control a wide range of aerodynamic test functions.